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In the beginning we welcome you to our Group of Industries....

As you all know our group was established in the year 1957 by my Grandfather Late JAHARLAL GHOSH who was the first wire Drawing Machine Manufacturer in INDIA. For this extraordinary activity he recived National level Award “ ACDEMIC AWARD” from New Delhi in 1972. After the sad demise of my grandfather my Father Mr.C.C.Ghosh ( well Known in wire industry as CHANDI Babu) took our Group to new heights, he took the flag from where my grandfather left and continuing to serve the wire industry till date.

Due to the continuous service to the Wire Industry my father Mr.C.C.Ghosh recived “ LIFE TIME ACHIVEMENT AWARD” he also recived “ BHARAT VIKASH RATAN Award “ by All India Business Development Associsation.

To Keep the Legacy of my Grandfather and my father alive, I started my own Unit in 2009 Under the name and style M/s. KALIPUR WIRE INDUSTRIES, WITH THEIR BLESSINGS and continuous support of Customers, my Company is progressing well in the wire industry and making a mark in our field.

Slowly but steadily KALIPUR WIRE INDUSTRIES IS MAKING it’s presence in the international wire market. Due to this hard work and constant dedication I recived “ GLOBAL Achivers Award for Business Leadership in 2012”

At last I would like to thank all my support Staff and my workers, without whose support my Company would not have reached this height where it is now.

Before Ending this message I would like to say to my Customers that Your satisfaction is my main motto, I hope to serve you better each time we meet and give you better and latest machines with Up-Dated Technology whenever you purchase.

We have

Our Product Range

Bull Block Wire Drawing Machine from 610mm to 1000mm Dia Drum Size

High Speed Fine Wire Drawing Machine from 250mm to 450mm Dia Drum Size.

Double Die and Triple Die Wire Drawing Machine for Non – Ferrous material.

High Speed 6+1 Tubular Stranding Machine

Rigid Type Stranding Machine.

21 Dies Wet Type Fine Wire Drawing Machine for Non- Ferrous Material

Galvanizing Plant ( Hot Dip / Electro )

Spooling Machine

Dead Block Coiler / Continuous Coiler

Inverted Bull Block Wire Drawing Machine

P.C Wire Making Plant

Wire Annealing Furnace

Wire Straightening & Cutting machine

Tor – Karri Bar Making Machine

Vertical Drop Coiler

Electric Control panel

Wire Pointing machine

Butt Welding Machine

De- Scaling Machine

OTO Type Wire Drawing Machine

Rotatory Die Box


Kalipur wire industry company had always been in touch with the activities of the Wire Association International, playing a pivotal role in bringing up the WAI – India Chapter, and also in organizing the Wire Symposium in New Delhi (India) in the year 2005. Beside this, Kalipur wire industry had been regularly taking the delegation of Indian Wire Industry people to various shows in Düsseldorf (Germany) and to various parts of the world.

This time, the Indian company is exhibiting at Interwire 2015, being held in Atlanta (USA) on April 28 – 30, 2015. This show, organized by WAI and held in conjunction with WAI’s Annual Convention, is hosted biennially, and includes exhibiting companies, speakers and visitors from more than 50 countries. Wire industry professionals looking for new wire and cable technologies, machinery and other additional equipment will attend Interwire, the benchmark for wire business in America. The event involves dozens of vertical industries including automobiles, construction, cable manufacturing, aerospace, transportation, communications and many others.

Kalipur wire industry looks back with fond memories on participating in the first wire show in the year 1992. It was Wire Düsseldorf in Germany, a major milestone in the company’s history. Since then, these trade fairs allowed Assomac to show groundbreaking innovations in its vast range of wire & cable manufacturing solutions for sustainable and efficient manufacturing. The global provider of turnkey solutions for wire manufacturing, now exporting to more than 25 countries, has always presented many technological innovations during these shows, including straight line machines, wire ribbing lines, rod break down machines, inverted drawing blocks (IVD) as also other turnkey projects.

With the Indian economy opening up with the change of government, and the warm relations India & U.S. enjoy at present, it's the perfect time for Kalipur wire industry to participate in this show. The company has been regularly participating in wire Düsseldorf and other wire-specific shows. The "Wire" exhibitions provide a platform to interact with existing customers as well as prospective ones, plus they enables to showcase the new developments. According to the declarations of the company: "At a single venue, we can have our good networking, establishing goal friendships with wire professionals. Over the past, we have successfully connected with active buyers and important decision-makers in the wire & cable industries."

Kalipur wire industry looks ahead to the date with Interwire 2015, to present its manufacturing range to prospective customers, generating business development, industry knowledge, cooperation, by sharing experiences and ideas in the wire field.

Customers remember Kalipur wire industry because they trust the company and have faith in the quality and technology of the products. The Group has its own R&D facility which maintains strong technological advances from time to time. Kalipur wire industry always strives for ongoing technological improvements in the machines. This helps to provide customers with advanced solutions to meet and even exceed their requirements. In the past, Kalipur wire industry has created its own history in the domestic sector in supplying many high value added stainless steel wire Plants, MIG wire plants etc. which are running trouble free. Recently the trend has changed in the wire industry towards investing in new and more modern machinery, and this has helped to get more market share.


Our designing team uses various wire drawing formulas for designing a variety of wires with our wire drawing machines such as weight / length relationship formula, surface area formula, zinc coating formula and formula for reduction in area

Weight / Length Relationship:

The weight per foot of wire is :
(2) Formula

Example : The Weight per foot os .090" wire is :

The length per lb of wire is:
(3) Formula

w = weight per foot (lbs/ft)
d = wire diameter(inch)
L = length per lb (ft/lb)

Example : The length per lb of .090" wire is:

* Surface Area:
The surface area of one foot of wire is:
(4) a = X 0.090 / 12 = 0.0236 ft2/ft

The surface area of one lb of wire is :
(5) a/w = 1 / (36 X d X y)

a = surface area of one foot of wire (ft2/ft)
a/w = surface area of one lb of wire (ft2/lb)
d = wire diameter (inch)
w = weight of one foot of wire (lb/ft)
y = specific weight (for steel, 0.283 lbs/in3)

Example : The surface are of one lb of 0.090" diameter wire is :

a/w = 1 / (36 X 0.090 X 0.2836) = 1.088 ft2lb

* Refer to Page 369, Volume 2, Steel Wire Handbook

The Percent zinc coating on d" diameter wire coated with coz/ft2zinc is:
(6) Formula

Example : for 0.090" diameter wire coated 0.3 oz/ft2 :

(6) Formula

The weight of zinc on d" diameter wire coated with p% zinc is :

(7) Formula

Where :
p% = weight percent of zinc(%)
c = zinc coating weight (oz/ft2)
d = wire diameter(inch)

Example: for 0.090" diameter wire, 2.00% zinc coating weights :


* Refer to Page 301, Volume 1, Steel Wire Handbook

Graph for Formula Four

Work Sheet for designing tooling geometry to prevent central bursting.
Reduction in Area:

Step reduction, drawing wire from di-1to di
(8) Formula

Examples :drawing from step 3 to step 4:

r4[1-(0.090/0.102)2] X 100

drawing 0.102" wire to 090"
r = [1-(0.090/0.102)2 X 100 = 22.15%
Total Reduction, drawing from d0 to di

(9) Formula

Examples :at step 4: r = [1-(d4/d0)2] X 100
drawing 7/32" rod to 0.102":

r = [1 - (0.102/0.219)2] X 100 = 78.31%
Overall reduction, drawing from d0 to df

(10) Formula

Examples :drawing 7/32" to 0.090" :
rf= [1-(0.090/0.219)2] X 100 = 83.11%

1. Reduction in area is not additive, rf is not f1 + r2 + ... + rn
2. Reduction is always positive.
3. Reduction is never larger than 100%.
4. For ferrous wire, step reduction is usually between 7% and 38% (limits depend on the product).
5. For overall reduction greater than 85%, the process has to be carefully designed.
6. Clue : for final diameter of one half the original, reduction is 75%.

To Compute the diameter from reduction :
(11) Formula

Example:Drawing 7/32" rod 25% reduction:

Given the small diameter, the large diameter is:

(12) Formula

r = drawing reduction in area(%)
d = wire diameter(inch)

Example: For an overall reduction of 83.1%, an 0.090" wire will require a starting diameter of:
do =

The Required Percent Reduction Between the Bottom and Top Block of a Double-Draw Single-Block Frame:
Total required reduction at the second hole
(13) = 100% -


Conversion Factors For Commonly Used Units
  Imperial SI Metric From Imperial To SI Metric Multiply by From SI Metric to Imperial Multiply by
Linear Measurement Inch
Mm (millimetre)
m (micrometre)
m (metre)
km (kilometre)
0.304 8
0.914 4
1.609 34
0.039 37
0.039 37
3.280 84
1.093 61
0.621 37
Area Sq. inch
Sq. inch
Sq. ft.
Sq. yd.
6.451 6
0.092 903
0.836 13
0.01 55
0.155 00
10.763 91
1.195 99
Volume And Liquid Capacity Cu. Inch
Fluid oz. (lmp.)
gallon (lmp)
Gallon (US)
Ml (millilitre)
L (litre) L
16.387 06
0.028 37
0.764 55
28.413 06
4.546 09
3.785 41
0.061 024
35.314 67
1.307 95
0.035 195
0.219 97
0.264 17
Weight (mass)… Oz
Ton (Short)
G (gram)
Kg (kilogram)
T (tonne)
28.349 52
0.453 59
0.907 18
0.035 274
2.204 62
1.102 31
Weight per unit length Ib./ft. Kg/m 1.488 16 0.671 97
Coating weight Oz.sq. ft. G/m2 305. 152 0.003 277
Force Pound-force
N (newton)
Kn (kilonewton)
4.448 22
4.448 22
0.224 81
0.224 81
Pressure And stress*** Psi
Mpa (megapascal) 0.006 8948 6.894 76 145.039 0.145 04
Pressure and stress*** Psi
0.000 7031
0.703 1
1.422 347
Torque and bending Ib.in. n.m. (Newton metre) 0.112 99 8.850 75
Moment Ib. ft. n.m. 1.355 82 0.737 56
Energy Ft. lb. J (Joule) 1.355 82 0.737 56
Temperature 0F 0C 5/9 (0F-32) 9/50C+32